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Dear Rajesh


I am in receipt of your nostalgia-invoking letter today. You want to know about my view on the Administrative Services and how to prepare for the English language paper for this exam.

In my opinion, Administrative Services provide you an excellent and challenging career. You get a respectful status and recognition in society. As an administrator, you can render section for the society initiate action to eradicate so many evils prevailing in our conservative society. Basically, an administrator is responsible for the overall development of his area of jurisdiction. So, if you are aiming for the administrative services, you are on the right track.

So far, as preparing for the English paper is concerned; I like to suggest you that you should first make your grammar strong. You not only have to learn the grammatical rules, but also do a lot of practice. Prepare essays on at least twenty current affair topics. Prepare essays on general topics also. For reports, letter-writing, etc. consult any good book; you will get to know the right way of writing the compositional part. The crux of the matter is you must have good command over written English. It should be correct and eloquent.

An enriched vocabulary will help you in writing correct English. English being a foreign language, you can’t depend on cramming, you have to practice regularly. I think you will find my advice proper and useful.


How are your parents? Please convey my regards to them.

Your sincerely



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