Letter to a friend, telling him abut your plan of establishing a unit, after the completion of your BE


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Dear Jitta


How are you? How are the things going on at your end? I hope the counter-sale at your shop is brisk as usual.

I am thinking to establish my own S.S.I. unit, after completing my B.E. See brother, getting Government job has become almost impossible now-a-days and the present slump in the market has made getting private jobs also a difficult task. I spoke to my parents, they have advised me to establish my own unit of ‘Steel Nut’ manufacturing. One of our relatives also runs such a unit at Ludhiana. Though there is competition everywhere, yet with quality products and fair dealing, one can get success. My education will also be very much helpful in this new venture.

What do you suggest yaar (friend)? If you like, you may also join me in this new venture.

Dated any girl of late? Do write back. Convey my regards to your parents and love to Sonu.


Yours sincerely



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