Letter to younger brother, advising him, in short, about the profession he should choose

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My dear Abhi


I received your ‘well written’ letter today, in the morning. You have asked my advice regarding the choice of a profession.

Since you are hardworking, you can choose and be successful in any profession. In this developing world there are gamuts of career options available and you can opt for the one which you like. Every career has its own scope but personally, I feel that you should strive to become a doctor. This is a noble profession. By this profession you will be able to help the poor and mitigate the sufferings of the people. However you must know that it is not easy nowadays to get through the Medical Entrance Test. You have to put very hard labor for it.

This is my personal advice and I’m not binding you with the decision. The final decision will always be yours. I hope you will let me know your decision at your earliest.

With love and affection,


Yours affectionately


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