Letter to your elder brother from the town where you have just joined a job, describing the important features of the town etc

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My dear Brother


I am glad to receive your loving letter and happy to learn that everyone is fine at home. You have asked me to give you a brief description of this town. I like this town and the people here. I am sure that the following description as follows will make you like the place and fill you with a desire to see it.

It is a big trade centre. There are two cloth mills here, which supply cloth to the whole of the country; you must have heard of Bhilwara Suitings. There is a large cloth market where you can buy cloth of all qualities and print designs. There are four all boys colleges and eight senior secondary schools. There are two all girls colleges also. The city has three Government hospitals and several private nursing homes also. Besides these, there is a charitable Eye hospital too. A Railway Junction, a multiplex and three beautiful cinema halls are also situated in the town. The town also has one Engineering college and one Dental college too, located in the Industrial Area about 8 km from the city. The most interesting feature of the town is its magnificent temples where hymns are sung and cymbals are played daily, in the morning and evening. The famous Jain temples of Bhilwara draw pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

People here are friendly, honest, straightforward, hardworking and trustworthy. They are, by and large, not addicted to any vices like-drinking and gambling. My colleagues are also very cooperative and friendly. The General Manager of my company is a gentleman and takes keen interest in the welfare of the staff. He is very kind and sympathetic to all the employees.

I am fine here. Everything is going on smoothly as per the scheduled routine. Please try to visit Bhilwara, when you get time.


Regards to Daddy and Mom

Yours affectionately


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