Letter to your elder brother, telling him about the discomforts of a railway journey without reservation


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Dear Brother


As I informed you telephonically, I reached here safe and sound yesterday.

Here, I like to tell you about the discomforts of a railway journey without reservation. As you know, I could not get the reservation so I had to travel in general compartment. Now, this journey was very tiring and cumbersome. First of all, the train Jammu Tawi, was late by two hours and one could not retire into a retiring room in want of proper reservation ticket. As soon as the train arrived, I somehow managed to push myself into the general compartment. A few of my shirts’ buttons got plucked in the process. The luggage, luckily, was still intact. The scene inside was overcrowded, but after three hours joinery, I got half a seat at Pathankot and just managed to sit on the corner of a seat. Six persons were sitting on every bench meant for three, still it was comparatively comfortable. It was not possible for me to take rest or sleep for the whole night, but I had not option

Somehow, the night passed and the train reached Ambala at dawn. I found myself safe and sound but extremely tired. Then and there, I took a vow to plan any future journey in such a way that either I get a reservation or if not, better travel by bus.

How are the things going there, Katra, Veerji? Please convey my regards to Mom and love to Tini.


Your younger brother


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