Letter to your elder brother, telling him the reasons of your failure in Public Service Commission examination.

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My dear Brother


I am in receipt of your Letter. You have asked me the reasons of my failure in the Public Service Commission examination. I do not like to put forward any excuses but believe in narrating the facts as per my understanding.

You must be aware that the competition was not easy enough. Despite thorough preparation for all the four papers that I opted, it proved to be cumbersome.

I had to attempt three papers continuously. You see, the economics paper was on 12th Jan, from 3 pm to 6 pm and the paper of Statistics-I was scheduled on 13th Jan, from 10 am to 1 pm and after that, I had to appear for the paper of Statistics-Ii from 3 pm on the 13th Jan. Itself, back to back. All this caused a lot of stress. I couldn’t sleep even for a minute on the night of 12th Jan, and so when I went to the examination hall on the 13th Jan. I could take the morning session paper of Statistics-1 satisfactorily. Unfortunately, I could not take the evening paper of Statistics-II properly, as I was feeling giddy and sleepy, so in this paper I got only 31 marks out of 100 marks, which spoiled my percentage. I did good preparations of all papers, but whom can I blame! It is my hard luck or say, I was unfortunate as the time-table was so straining and tedious.

This is the first time, when none of the students, who opted Economics and Statistics, could clear the competition. Everybody has suffered a lot, because of such time scheduling. I was myself quite disheartened with the result but nothing could be done. Never mind, I am determined to take this examination again by working ever harder this time. I remember your words:


A man, who wins, is the man who thinks, he can.

Convey my regards to Papa and Mummy.

Your loving brother


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