Letter to your father, explaining him the reasons for not securing good marks in English paper

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Dear Papa


I received your letter today morning. You asked me the reasons of my securing poor marks in English papers.

First of all, I would like to tell you that I worked very hard in English. But as you are aware that I am not good at grammar, so I couldn’t attend the grammar section properly. Actually, I need tuition in English grammar. I have already talked with the teacher concerned, who has consented to give me tuitions for two months only. Without good command over English grammar, it is just not possible to secure good marks in English. Therefore, please allow me to take the tuition so that this problem of English grammar is solved forever.

You can see that in all the other subjects, I have secured more than 85% marks, but in English, I could not manage to secure even 40%.

Convey my regards to Mom and Grandma.


Your loving son


Submitted to RB by Sourav Pyakurel

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