Letter to your father, giving reasons why he should not insist you to marry soon

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My Dear Papa


Received your letter day before yesterday and was delighted to know that Mom has recovered completely from the illness.

From your letter, I understand your desire to get me married soon and quite naturally, to be free from your responsibilities. You have also chosen a girl for me. But if I am not misunderstood, I must say frankly that I don’t want to get married so early. I have just got the job and I am also preparing for various MBA entrances, so getting married at this stage will not only ruin my career but also be frustrating for the bride as I shall not be a position to devote the required attention to her.

I am not against the institution of marriage and I know which ever girl my parents choose for me, will in all case be the best one, but getting married at this stage will be a very unwise decision. Please understand my viewpoint and give me a couple of years, so that I devote enough time to shape my career.

Also, once married, I would need sufficient money, to keep my martial life happy. You have already spent a lot of money on the education of your children and I would not like to put more burdens on you. So please wait for a few years and everything will be fine.


I am sure you will agree with my perception and excuse me for putting forward these arguments frankly and in a straight forward manner.

Covey my regards to Mom and love to Chunnu.

Your affectionate son

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