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Dear Daddy


I received your affectionate letter three-four days ago, but since I was busy in my examinations, I could not reply earlier. I am happy to note that Sonu has been selected in IIT with a very good rank. Please congratulate him on my behalf. He deserves the kudos.

As I informed you earlier, my annual examination will be over by 29th April. On 30th April, I along with a team of ten students are planning to go to a nearby village, Mator. We intend to educate the illiterate villagers there. Our team will be headed by our professor. Dr. Pannikara. We will teach them how to read and write our mother tongue, Hindi. We will also train them to write their signatures. We’ll stay there for a week.

Illiteracy is a curse in our society. Many problems and hardships faced by the poor villagers are because of the illiteracy. Our tour will help the villagers and the beneficial for us also, as well will get the first hand knowledge of rural scene. I will inform you about our detailed programme later on. Everything is fine at my end. I am preparing well for my annual examinations.

Convey my deep regards to Mom and hearty congratulations to Sonu.


Your loving son


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