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My Dear Janardan


As you are aware that I was unwell for some time, my father and our family doctor advised that a stay in the hills for two months was necessary for my health. So, as soon as my examinations got over, I went over to Shimla to stay with my uncle. My mother is also there with me. I am much better here than at Delhi. I feel rejuvenated. I am enjoying my stay in the hills and breathing the fresh, invigorating mountain breezes.

There are not many hotels here. I am lucky to stay at my Uncle’s place, as it is situated very near to the Mall and gives a splendid panoramic view. I have already climbed the top of Jakku Hill, to the Hanuman temple. I have also visited Kufari, a place famous for skiing. I gone for a stroll at the mall in the evening and also enjoy horse riding everyday. I have visited many nearby places worth seeing and enjoyed trekking.

Shimla is indeed a beautiful hill station. I am having a wonderful time and enjoying my stay in this beautiful valley. Rest is all fine. Write to me about yourself and your plans after graduation.

Convey my regards to your parents.


Your loving friend


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