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Dear Madhu


Life had been a little monotonous here, after you left for Siliguri, last month. Meanwhile, as you know, my sister’s marriage was solemnized here, and that gave me some respite.

My elder sister Sarita’s marriage took place on 12th Oct, Wednesday. All our relatives and friends except you joined the weeding celebrations.

The marriage was held at Gokul Garden. We received the barat at 8pm. The groom looked very handsome sitting on a horse. We enjoyed the beautiful performance of Jiya Band. It was indeed a marvelous experience. ‘Toran’ ceremony was also performed. Then followed the ‘Phera’ ceremony. The guests took dinner in a grand hall which was decorated like a place. The barat party left the palace second day in the morning. I enjoyed the marriage very much.

Please convey my regards to your Jiji and Jijaji and love to the newly born baby


Yours sincerely


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