Letter to your friend, telling him about the sports tournament arranged by your club


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Dear Amit


I received your letter about two weeks ago but couldn’t reply. Sorry for the delay.

Actually, for the last ten days, I had been very busy with the District Volleyball tournament organized by our club in the school playground. All volleyball clubs of the State were invited for the tournament. Twenty three clubs participated in all. There was a very tough competition for the District shield. Our club won the shield cup and the Twin City club won the ‘Best Club Award’. The District Collector was the chief guest. He gave away the prizes on the closing day. A cultural programme was also organized in which all the clubs participated. It was a very nice and entertaining programme. Everyone appreciated and enjoyed it.

I am sending you the papers (annexed) as asked by you. Rest is fine. When are you coming here? Convey my regards to your Parents.


Yours sincerely



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