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Dear Mother


You will please to know that I reached here safe and sound yesterday. As you known that I didn’t have a berth reserved, so I had to travel in a general compartment for the first time. I reached Meerut Junction at 6 p.m. After waiting for three hours, Sangam Express arrived. As always, it was late. As soon as the train stopped, I rushed towards it.

Mom, you wouldn’t believe, on that day, the platform was unusually over-crowded with some rally participants who were going to Lucknow. The atmosphere was noisy. There was a great crowd of passengers in front of all the general compartments, pushing and elbowing one another to get inside. None cared for decency. Everyone was after his own end. With great difficulty, I pushed myself into a compartment but could not get a seat. I kept standing throughout most of the journey. The ‘without ticket’ rally people had occupied every possible sitting space. At last, around 4 a.m. at Lucknow, I got an upper berth and went to sleep.

Actually, dear mother, journey in a general compartment is hell. But, as I, had to make this journey in urgency. I had no alternative than to travel in such a situation. Anyway, I reached here safe and sound. Moreover, I feel I have become more confident and can face tough situations too.

Convey my regards to dad and love to Chinki.


Your loving son

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