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Dear Ragini


I am in receipt of your letter dated 15th June and happy to know that all your folks are in good spirits. You have sought my advice regarding the steam you should opt, whether, Science or Commerce, in your XI standard.

First of all, I would like to tell you very frankly that whatever steam you opt, you have to put efforts to achieve success. In the present competitive world, poor show in any steam is of no use. However, in the Science group, you can choose either Engineering or Medical line. So far, as Engineering and Medical professions are concerned, the medical profession will suit you better, as you a female candidate. On the other hand, through Commerce steam, you can become a Chartered Accountant, ICWA, Company Secretary, or can also go for MBA. Along with Commerce steam, you are required to take computer training also because nowadays, all business is being carried through the computer. As such, commerce also opens new vistas of career opportunities to you.

So, if you are interested in becoming an Engineer or a Doctor, you should opt for the Science steam and if you are interested in work of accounting nature, the Commerce steam is more suitable for you. Anyway, choice is yours.

Whatever your decision is please convey me positively. Here, I like to add that you should also improve your English along with your academic achievements because English is very important for acquiring higher qualifications.


Everything is normal at my end. Do write if you need any help.

Convey my regards to Mummy and Papa.

Your loving brother


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