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Dear Rahsmi

I received your loving letter three days ago, but because of my preoccupation in making preparations for the cultural function held in our hostel, I could not spare time to reply you earlier.

However, I feel please in informing you that I stood first in the singing competition and our team stood second in the folk dance competition held during the said cultural function programme. As I am staying in the hostel, I am devoting more than two hours daily, in improving my General Knowledge and General Awareness, in addition to my course studies. Our hostel is a very good. Most of the in-mates here are well disciplined and sincere. Our hostel warden Mrs. Savita Virmani, is a very strict, yet caring lady. She keeps close watch on every student. All the hostel in-mates are required to attend the morning and evening prayers daily and attendance is marked both the time.

The quality of food served here, is very good, consisting of two well cooked vegetables, curd and salad, with tawa chapattis, rice and a sweet dish. Breakfast is served at 8 am, after that I go to school. We take lunch at 12 pm and the dinner is served from 7 pm to 9 pm. In the evening, we usually play games like- badminton, table tennis, kho-kho, etc. in the hostel playground from 4 pm to 6 pm. As such, I find this hostel well maintained and well run. Here, emphasis is given on character and career building.


What about you? What about your studies? Do write to me.

Convey my regards to Mummy and Papa and love to Sunny.

Your loving sister


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