Many a flower is born to blush unseen

This is an eloquent line from celebrated gray’s Elegy. The poet says that many beautiful flowers bloom in the wilderness. Their sweet fragrance is carried away by gentle breezes. Thus, their beauty is unseen, and their sweet smell is simply wasted. Their life is in vain. Such glory in nature cannot delight they eye of man. Many precious gems are hidden at the dark bottom of the sea. They are there unknown. The same is the fate of merit and ability of man who lives and dies unknown. Mere merit is not enough. It must get the light of education as-well-as opportunity to progress and prosper. A poor man, however gifted, can do nothing in life. He excites for a while like a sweet beautiful flower such is the sad and lonely life of man without any opportunity. So many men of great ability and gift live an obscure life for want of proper guidance and opportunity. So it is possible that many poets, painters, musicians, heroes statesmen may raise form cottages.

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