Master in Current Affairs Magazine Review

Master in Current Affairs is The India’s First Magazine with New Multiple Choice Question Bank – Explanatory Notes. Indeed this is an incredible magazine with quality articles specially written for students who are preparing for various competitive examinations. This booklet specially contains information on current topics which helps the readers to remain aware of latest happenings around them. One of the most exclusive category of this magazine is it’s ‘Pandora Box’ with Explanatory Notes. The previous years solved question papers in every issue of this Magazine is just amazing. Really the work of Mr N.K may worth a million for those students who are working hard for competitive exams. All the best to all the everlasting contributors who are  responsible for the core development of “MASTER IN CURRENT AFFAIRS” – Magazine.

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Editor : N.K Jain
Associate Editor : Research Group
Production Manager : Neeraj Gaur
Marketing Manager : Preveen Jain
Marketing Coordinator : Yogest Gaur Anand
Advisor : Neeraj Chhabra and K.C Gupta
For Advertisement : Preveen Jain
Legal Advisor : Jitendra Saxena
Cover Designed by : Tauqeer Ahmad, Ravi Rajput
Owned Published, Editor & Printer : Naveen Kumar Jain

Magazine Categories

  • News of the Month
  • Business News
  • Exclusive Article
  • Interview
  • Pandora Box
  • International Economy
  • Explanation

Sample Article of this Magazine

“You must not lose fait in Humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if w few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” If I say the world lives on hope. I would not be wrong. In the worst circumstances also, in the core of our hearts, flickers a hope. A person not getting a job, a student not securing good marks or someone in this word longs for something which he or she does not  have. This “something” can be counted from studies to career, employment to promotions or passing in the exams to coming first in the class. Although you know it is next to impossible, then also lies in the hope that one day you will succeed in your attempts. Hope gives us the courage to against against odds of life and to achieve your goal. “Haste not, calmly wait, Meekly wear the storms of fate”. Always hope for the best to happen in your life, and the best will happen.



Naveen Kumar Jain
C-114, Nirala Nagar
Lucknow (U.P)
Ph : 0522 -3247030
Fax : 0522 – 2328448

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