Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL)

Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) is a Premier Ship Builder of the Nation, capable of building warships of upto 6,800 tonne displacement and merchant ships of up to 27,000 DWT. MDL is engaged in construction of warships including Destroyers, Corvettes, Submarines, New Generation Stealth Frigates, Offshore Patrol Vessels, construction of various types of merchant ships and repairs/modernisation of warships, submarines and merchant ships. Fabrication of Offshore Platforms and allied activities for Oil Exploration and general Heavy Engineering jobs were also carried out in the Yard.

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The Company has built and delivered to the Indian Navy six Leander Class Frigates, three Godavari Class Frigates, one Cadet Training Ship, three Missile Corvettes, four Missile Boats, three Destroyers and two Submarines as also seven Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) to the Coast Guard. MDL has also built and delivered Cargo Ships, Passenger Ships, Supply Vessels, Multi Purpose Support Vessels, Water Tankers and various types of Small Crafts like Tugs, Dredgers, Fishing Trawlers, Barges & BOPS for various customers in India as well as abroad.

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