My Favorite Teacher Essay


Our class is taught by five teachers. They are all good and able. They love us. But My Favorite teacher is Mr. Ram Chander. He is our English teacher. He is also in charge of our class.

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Description of His Personality and Dress:

Mr. Ram Chander is a tall strong young man. He has a well built body. He has a grand personality. His appearance is pleasing. He is always very neat and clean in his dress and person. He comes so clean-shaven to the school that sometimes we think he has no bread. His voice is very pleasing. He generally wears a long coast, narrow white pyajama and turban. We seldom see him wear a suit.

His Ability:

He is the most able teacher I have com across. He has a brilliant career. He got scholarship in his school and his college days. He is gem among teachers. He is an M.A., B.T.

His Method of Teaching:


His method of teaching is very good. He has mastery over many subjects. He makes the lessons very interesting. He is not satisfied unless every student in his class understands the lesson. He has a kind word for each in the class. He encourages the boys to talk in English. He works very hard himself. He knows to take work from boys also. That is why he is showing good results in his subject for the last ten years.

His habits:

He posses good habits. He has a a kindly face. We never saw any frowns on his forehead. He has a very ken eye. He is very humorous. He tries to keep us in good spirits. He uses no cane to tech his lesson. We obey him; and he loves us. He is hard working. He likes to see us industrious.

Discipline in the class:

He maintains a strict discipline in the class. He never uses a rod. He loves his pupils very much. He wishes them well from his heart. He is never partial to any one. He has a great sympathy for the poor boys. If a boys takes liberty with him he turns him out of the class. He does not allow him to return until he has offered a sincere apology.

His interest in games:

He is a fine sportsman. He takes part in school games. He is a good cricket. He has a tall appearance. His presence on the school playground is source of a joy for us.

His popularity in the school:


He is the most popular teacher in the school. Al the teachers respect him. He is right hand of principal. He takes part in the activities of the school. He is a good speaker. Every year he prepares boys for literary contests.


For those and many other reasons he is conspired the best teacher. His high character has made him very popular among the boys of our school.

Note: This essay was written in easy words for School Students.

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