My School Essay

My School Essay Introduction:

I read in the DAV Higher Secondary School. It is not a Government School. It gets aid from the Government.

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Its situation and Building:

Our school is built in it open. It is far away from the dust, noise and smoke of the city. Its building is very grand. It has verandahs on both the sides of class-room. There are shady trees near the verandahs. The burning heat of summer, bitter cold of winter and the heavy rains of the rainy season cannot trouble us.

Gardens and grassy Lawns:

Near the gate there are two small gardens in which there are grassy lawns, flower beds, fruits trees and a beautiful fountain. How nice it is to sit on the grassy lawns in summer evening! We enjoy the sweet smell of flowers and the dance of beautiful butterflies.

Laboratories and Library:


Our school has two science labs, a big library and a reading room. The library is full of books on all subjects. Every student can borrow books from the library. Besides these, there are about forty class-rooms, principals’ office and a clerk’s office.


There are fifty teachers in the school. They are all highly qualified. They all work hard in teaching us. They help the students in every way possible. They are their true friends and guides. Our results are the best not only in the city but in the district also. All the teachers are sympathetic and kind. They look after our studies. They also take care of our healthy and character.

The Principal:

The Principal of our school is and old hand. He is very particular about discipline. He keeps the school compound clean and tidy. He is a man of character. He has own the hearts of his students. He himself is punctual. So he expects punctuality from hits teachers and students. He is an ideal for the members of his staff. He does not allow students to attend school in dirty clothes. His morning talks, after the school prayer, are very impressive He believes in action.

He Hates Idle Talks:

We are taught honesty, industry and truthfulness by him. Hence our school students are obedient, well behaved and mannerly.

Games, Debates and N.C.C.:


The best thing in the school is the arrangement of games, debates and scouting. Every student has to take part on debates every Saturday. He has to attend the playground three times a week. I am glad to say that our school team is famous in the district for hockey and cricket. Our scouts get training in band and first-aid. There are two NCC units attached to the school. Every year sixty students get Military training.


It is the best of all schools. The school is pound of its good students and the students are proud of their good school. I love it dearly.

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