National Agriculture Innovation Project (India)

Component-I (Strengthening ICAR as Catalyzing Agent of Management of Change) of NIANP aims at promoting knowledge products like digital repository of about 10,000 Ph.D theses, online access to publications of Springer (, Annual Reviews ( and CSIRO (www.publish.csiro.av) covering nearly 2000 e-journals/resources and linking to 126 NARS libraries. Skill development of about 3500 personnel in project proposal writing and reporting. ‘Agropedia’. a platform for aggregation and sharing information with browsing interfaces and search tools developed and released. Over 400,000 SMS messages in four months delivered, established Zonal Technology Management and business planning and development units. International training of about 500 scientists in 26 cutting edge areas of agricultural sciences and training of about 1000 NARS scientists by about 80 international experts conducted.


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Under Component-2 (Research on Production to Consumptions System), the approved subprojects include innovations in the utilization of sweet sorghum for ethanol production, development of food products from millets, (sorghum, pearl millet, foxtail and little millet). exploitation of multiple uses of cotton (stalk, cotton fibre for quantity yarn and fabric, oil, protein) and craft and gear for cost effective and responsible fishing and processing for total utilization of small pelagic and freshwater fishes.

Under Component-3 (Research on Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security), through 36 approved projects, 80 disadvantaged districts (out of 150 disadvantaged districts) in 27 States of the country are covered. The total number of targeted farmers /agricultural labourers includes 83,000. Nearly one third of the partners are NGOs and the rest consists of SAUs, ICAR institutes, International centres etc, reflecting diverse partnerships. The main expected contributions of the 61 approved projects include develop mitigation strategy to control the deadly arsenic problem in food chain, genetic engineering for fixation of heterosis, genetic solutions for improved cotton ball and fibre development, enhance yield and quality in buffaloe milk etc.

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