Paragraph on my Favorite Poet

William Wordsworth was a devotee of Nature. He was inspired by Nature to write poety. He was the pioneer in the English Romantic Movement. He launched the English Romantic Revolution with the help of Samuel Taylor Coleridge by their joint work ‘The Lyrical Ballads’. Wordsworth was the poet laureate of England from 1943 to 1850. Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770 in the Lake District of northern England. He lost his parents at an early age. He completed his education from Hawkshead Grammar school and then from St. John’s College, Cambridge. He married Annette Vallon, a French women and later, Mary Hutchinson, an English lady. He was blessed with six children. Wordsworth composed a great number of poems which deal with Nature, rural people and human nature. He created some of the greatest English poetry of his century. Critics place him next to John Milton and William Shakespeare among all time great poets of English Literature.

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