Prize Distribution Function in Our School – Essay


There are so many functions held in our school. But the prize distribution function in our school is unique. The whole machinery of our school is put to its fullest power.

Welcome To Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar

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Our Chief Guest:

This year the prize distribution of our school took place on the 20th of February. The Inspector of Schools had very kindly consented to preside over the function.

Decoration of the Building:

The whole school was swept clean and white washed. All the rooms of the school were well decorated with mottos and drawings. The school compound was decorated with pink and yellow flowers. They presented a view of Brindaban Garden of Mysore. The decoration of compound held the people spell-bound. A large number of flower-pots were all arranged in every corner of the school. The school garden had an attractive look.

A Beautiful Pandal was Setup:


A big shamiana was set up in the school compound. A special dais was made for the day. Carpets were spread over it. It was also decorated with paper bunting and flowers. On it were placed some easy chairs for the president and other chief guests. Darries were spread over the whole ground for students. All the students were in their school uniform. Every teacher was alert to his duty given to him.

Reception of the Chief Guest:

Exactly at 10 a.m., the Inspector of School arrived in a car. He was received at the main gate by the Principal and the President. A guard of honor was given to him by the N.C.C. cadets. The Inspector has a round of the school. He was pleased to see the paintings of the young children. As he came to the dais, he was cheered by the students and the guests. He was garlanded by the Principal.

The Programme of the Functions:

The programme began. The mass drill of the 6th class boys was splendid. The N.C.C. and Red Cross boys gave a show of drill which every body liked. The fancy dress made people laugh again and again. Tit-bits, stories, speeches and song had a great effort on the audience.

Annual Report Read by the Principal:

The Principal then read out his report. The school had marched strength to strength. The higher secondary results were brilliant. The school had won a name in games also.

Distribution of Prizes:


The Inspector was then requested to give away the prizes which he did in a nice way.


The Inspector, in shot speech, congratulated the Principal, the staff and the boys on the wonderful success their school had made. The function came to a close with the singing of National Anthem.

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