Rainy Day – Essay


Last year there were heavy rain the third week of July. It rained almost every day. But to my great surprise, the rain would stop at 6:30 AM. I had to go to school. I prayed to god for heavy rain in the morning. On the last day for the month God granted my prayers. On the night of 31st July it rained the whole night. The day dawned, but it was still raining.

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Heavy Rains at School time:

With a few books and umbrella I reached the school. I was glad to see that there were only a few boys. The Principal declared the rainy day. We left the school with high spirits. I with my class fellows reached the Company Garden. We put aside our books under the umbrella and began to play. We dragged one another on the soft grass. Our clothes were badly spoiled. After an hour or so we left the garden.

Sight and Scenes on the Way:

Now we were on the road. We enjoyed the sights on the way. it was still raining. All round there was water and water. The roads were impassable. The innocent children were playing in the knee-deep water in the streets. The paper boats on the running water presented a lovely scene. The drains had become small streams. In our happy mood we decided to spend the day in the open.

A View of the City:


We paraded the streets of the city to enjoy the natural sights. The sight of the green fresh leaves of the trees filled our hearths with joy. The frogs, croaking loudly attracted our attention. Everything seemed to bless the black clouds. We walked through the muddy-rain water with the shoes in our hand.

Chowk and Its Attraction:

In the end we reached the chowk. There we stayed for sometime. The muddy and slippery roads became an envious scene. We laughed at the people who were slipping on the roads. The cars and busses passed quickly throwing rain water and mud on the people.


In the afternoon we felt hungry. We bought some mangoes to satisfy our hunger. While enjoying them we did a lot of mischief. We spent sometime throwing water on the. We teased Kaka again and again. When he felt annoyed we gave up the mischief, and started towards home.

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