Rainy Season Essay

Of all the season in India, the rainy season is the most beautiful and beloved one. How patiently and anxiously the people wait for its arrival. And if unfortunately the rains are delayed, the people go to temples, mosques and churches to say their prayers. Sometimes they perform “yajnas” to please Indra the god of rains.

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Relief from heat

In a hot country like India where the summer is very hot is natural for the people to wish for arrival of rains. The earth gets hot and parched. The ponds and lakes run dry. The water level in the wells sinks low. There is scarcity of water everywhere. The hot winds and dust storms make life miserable. The whole land beards a horrible look.


And then rains begin. The dark and rolling clouds cover the burning sun. They hide from the weary looks of the people. A wave of pleasure fills the atmosphere. It is filled with a deep feeling of joy. There is singing and dancing and merry making everywhere. The young ladies swing Thula handing from a neem or peepal tree. They sing songs of love and adventure. The children bathe in the shower. They swim in the little pool of rain water. They shout with joy.

Nature at her best

The nature is at her best in the rainy season. The old earth becomes young. Her wrinkles change into green and long grasses. Her looks become quite fresh and young. The dry and sandy beds are again alive with flowing water. The murmuring sound of water fills the heaths of the young with pleasure.

Importance of rains for agriculture


The rainy season is the life of the agriculture in India. The failures of monsoons become a curse on us. The crops would fail, and famine and disease would break out. This would kill thousands people. Such is the great importance of rains. Hence it is quite proper for us to worship with great respect. He is rightly called the king of heavens.


Every season has its own disadvantages and the rainy season is no exception to it. It creates many skin diseases. Cholera breaks out in village and towns. There is darkness everywhere. Mosquitoes grow in large numbers and kills people in thousands. The sun shines brightly. The heat is unbearable. Hence it is dangerous to go out without shoes and covering one’s dead. When the rains are heavy and continuous, the river causes terrible floods which bring havoc in the low lying areas.



Thus the rainy season is not an unmixed blessing. But its advantages are far greater than its disadvantages. People don’t mind a little inconvenience created by rainy season.

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