Sample encouragement letter to a friend to continue Education

Dear Name,

Ravindra who happens to be a common friend of both of us came here a week back. For the whole week he put up with me here and left for home only yesterday. It was through him that I came to know something about you. I was told that you have decided to discontinue further education after Intermediate and settle down in life for earning your livelihood by joining your father’s business. I failed to understand why you suddenly developed repulsion towards studies, while you were the sharpest boy of all of us in the class.

You must be knowing the Ravindra and Suresh both and I myself are determined to continue our education until post-graduation. Why have you decided to be lagged behind ? You know education always proves helpful in life. It raises one in social status, in culture and in the estimation of others. The present age is the age of struggle and competition. Our aims should be high and our efforts commensurate with them. University education will fit you better for waging an effective struggle in life. Well; there is no harm in joining father’s business but could it not be done after completing education ?

Funds pose no problem for you. Your father has perhaps never asked you to discontinue your education. Good company you have already got to encourage, inspire and help you. Under these favourable circumstances discontinuing education would amount to moving towards retrogression.


May I advise you once again to give serious thought to your decision ? May I hope that you will abandon any idea of the discontinuing education at this stage and will give us an opportunity to be helpful to you if help is required at all ? What is friendship if it fails in need ? I am now sure that you will decide in favour of continuing your education. Awaiting your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,


Continuing Education as a Business Owner

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