Sample letter to a friend about winter season

Dear Name,

It is a long time since I received a letter from you. Earlier you had promised to write letters frequently. I do not know what prevents you from writing letters to me. I wrote you one letter earlier also. But I didn’t receive a reply. It has hurt my feelings to know that you have perhaps become so indifferent towards me. In the materialistic world of today, true friendship is a rare phenomenon, but in our case I never thought on these lines. But because of not receiving any response from you doubts are turned into realities and I am faced with the despair of having lost a friend. Would you please still not reply to my letter ?

In Mumbai where you are living now-a-days it must be quite warm because of the sea. But in northern India winter is approaching by the by. We in Delhi are greeting the approach of winter with great joy. When winter sets in Delhi life in the city undergoes a change. The monotony of incessantly occurring rains now begins to evaporate. Life takes a colourful and charming turn. Now-a-days we are enjoying long Dipawali holidays. Private houses and public buildings in the city are being white washed. Everything all around looks clean and beautiful. People have started coming out of their homes wearing coloured woollen clothes in the morning and evening. The festival of Dipawali is expected to be celebrated with great joy. Children have already stored toy explosives which are awaiting being cracked on the day of the festival.

The city appears to be humming with a new life. Foreigners are arriving in large numbers. Most of them have already arrived and have benefited themselves with the sight seeing of historical places. Parties of artists are arriving from various countries to give their performance in the capital. Various types of cultural shows will now be performed.


How are you getting on with your job at Mumbai ? I would like you to come to Delhi and spend some jolly days with me. Dear Mahesh, I feel so lonely without you that I can hardly express it. I am left with no company at all. You might be coming into contact with actors and actresses at Mumbai. Please do come to Delhi and observe the life of the capital in all its diversity. Please excuse me for writing something crisp in the first paragraph of this letter. That was out of love for you, which you will perhaps appreciate.

With best wishes,

Yours ever,


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