Sample Letter to a friend describing a car accident

Dear Name,

Please excuse me for the delay in replying to your letter. In fact I had gone to Delhi in connection with some official business and I received your letter on 28th ultimo the date on which I returned from Delhi. On that very day I happened to see a motor car accident of such a serious nature that I took a long time to recover from the shock administered by it. Since the event has left an ineffaceable mark on my memory and since it was largely responsible for, the delay I am guilty of in replying to your letter, I would like to give here an account of the same. Meanwhile, I may assure you that I have deepest love and affection for you and I can never think, not even in the dream, of being indifferent to you. In future you will receive my letters in time,

Now to the accident when I was returning from Delhi by bus, I saw that a truck and a motor car were racing abnormally fast side by side. Both were sounding horns and yet both were keen on by passing each other. The sound of horns was creating a deafening noise and clouds of dust were rising roll after roll. Our bus was also running at full speed which enabled us to see fully well the truck motor car race which was going on ahead of us. All of a sudden we heard a crash. Both the truck and the motor car came to a stand still. The clouds of dust were now gone to the horizons on all directions and the noise created by the engines of both the vehicles was not being heard. Instead we heard heart-rending cries of women and children. In a few seconds our bus also came to the same spot and stopped there. We found that the motor car in a bid to overtake and pass the truck had dashed against a tree. The steering wheel of the car had pierced deep into the bosom of the driver and it appeared that his soul must have left his odd instantaneously. The window glasses were broken to pieces and their splinters had made deep wounds on the bodies of the passengers. There were’4iJc’passengers inside the car besides the driver—two young men were seriously injured and the bleeding was so profuse that despite first aid administered to them by some of the passengers of our bus it could not be stopped and the two young people succumbed to fatal injuries just in the presence of all of us. The girls who happened to be, as it was known later on, to be their sisters, were crying and beating their breast. One of the children had its right arm cut. Such a serious and shocking accident I had never witnessed before. Even after my reaching home I went on thinking and thinking of the ways of destiny and it was after long time that I could recover from the shock. Who could imagine the agony and grief of the kith and kin ? Wishing you happy and prosperous life.

Yours most sincerely,


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