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My dear father


I was glad to receive your affectionate letter today. As you asked me about my hostel life, so I am penning down a brief description about it.

The hostel life here is entirely different from the village life, I enjoyed so far. Vidya Bharati Hostel (my hostel) is a very good hostel. There are fifty-three rooms and two halls inside the hostel premises. I share the room with two other students. All the hostel in-mates live like brothers. We get milk, bread and biscuits at 7:30 am, the breakfast time. We are served lunch at 12:30 pm. The food served here if fresh and tasty. There is a library in the hostel and a TV room also. We play games in the evening.

The hostel authorities take us out for picnics every month. We have been to the Mahakal temple, Bhartihari-cave, Khrshipra river-banks, etc.

Mr. P.K. Sharma is the warden of the hostel. He takes care of all our problems. He is very kind and cooperative. I am happy here and enjoying my hostel life.


Please convey my regards to Mother and love to Sumi.

Your loving son


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