Sample letter younger brother, who has fallen in bad company


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My dear Satish


It has come to my notice that you are not serious about your studies. Your local guardian, Sharma Uncle, told me on phone that you are wasting time in gossiping and wandering here and there. It seems that you have fallen into company of some unworthy and insincere students. I am stunned to note all this. Any person with dubious character must be shunned out of your group because one rotten apple can spoil the whole lot. Also, you shouldn’t waste your time because time once lost, can’t come back. This is the time to make your carrier. If your lose it, you will repent whole of your life.

Daddy will be very sad if he comes to know about it. Therefore, I advise you to leave bad company and work hard. Hard work alone can bring success. Write a letter to me soon.

Your affectionately


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