Sample Persuading Letter to a friend

Dear Jag Mohan,

Your affectionate letter was duly received only yesterday. I am glad to know that you have been absorbed as an engineer in a reputed firm in New York. My hearty congratulations to you on your appointment.

Mohan, you left India for New York in 2005 for higher studies in Engineering. You completed your course and passed the examination with credit. It was quite natural that some engineering firm should take a man of your caliber in its staff. I know that in America people get fabulous pay. It is only for this reason that most of the people of our country prefer a job in America to serving here in India.

But dear Jag Mohan, money should not be the sole consideration for accepting a job. You know we all owe a duty to our motherland. If all the talent drains out of India, who will build the new India ? If this brain drain continues, I fear there will be no progress made in our country.


Our country is badly in need of technicians for the execution of her Five Year Plans. The standard of technical education is not as high here as in Western countries. So if Indian technicians with foreign training do not come and settle in India, the future of the country is, I believe, in the dark. As a true Indian you owe a debt to your native land. The only way you can repay the debt is to offer your selfless service to the nation. You should not mind if you get less pay here than what you get there. The name and fame that you will earn here by doing your duty to your country will more than compensate this monetary loss. The examples of Dr. H. J. Bhaba, Vikram Sarabhai and others are enough to inspire the Indian scientists to work and die for their motherland. Could these scientists not get fabulous pay in America and get rich.

But India was dearer to them than any riches of the world. The worldwide recognition they secured and the level to which they raised India’s scientific research and achievement are priceless possessions which can never be measured in terms of money.

I would, therefore, if you don’t mind, advise you to return to India and contribute your mite to the great task of building a new India.

I am sure you will coolly think over the matter and decide to return to your native land. Please intimate me with your decision at an early date.


With best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely,


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Reply to above (Persuading Letter)

Dear Name,


Your kind letter was received this morning and I am hurrying to reply to you. I thank you for your letter of congratulations on my being appointed as Engineer in a reputed firm of New York.

I have read your letter with the sincerest attention and thank you for what you have suggested in it. Your suggestion to return to India and participate in the venture of building a new India not only needs consideration but also deserves appreciation. The patriotic fervour running all through points to the greatness of your soul. I am highly delighted to note that you feel so much concern for the motherland.

As regards my settlement here in America, I may make it clear to you that it is to be a purely temporary one. After passing my Engineering examination I still feel that I know little. Really, we have learn much theory and little-practice. I decided to accept appointment in the present New York firm in order to chisel my knowledge, shape it well and make it more complete. My present employment will certainly teach me this. In the first instance, I wish to spend two years in this capacity during which period I wish to meet eminent men of science, discuss things with them and exchange ideas. Like you I also burn with love for the country and rest assured as soon my mission is realized I shall pack for home. I don’t want to stay here a day longer.

I am sorry that my accepting appointment as an engineer after my formal education was interpreted as my final decision to settle in America. One can get material satisfaction by earning a lot in a foreign country but moral and spiritual satisfaction evades such a person. I want you to believe that I suffer from an intense nostalgia to be back home among my kith and kin and friends. A foreign land can not give one what one really wants. When I see Air India planes landing at the local airport, how much nostalgic I feel ? I feel they have a message from home to me.

I may assure you once again my stay in America is not going to be a long one. I shall come back surely and would feel proud to offer my services at the feet of the mother land. Really blessed is the one who lives for his country. I am sure your doubts have been allayed.

With best wishes and kind regards,



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