Scene from top of My House – Essay

Essay Introduction

My house commands a very good view of the surroundings. In the West lies the river and in the North Grand Trunk Road.

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Scene of the Rising Sun:

It was a beautiful dawn the other day when I got up. The sweet blowing breeze tempted me to go to the roof of my house. The sun was rising. He was showering his golden rays on the earth which was quite cold and sad at that time. How beautiful those rays appeared! What a joy they were giving to the lovers of the nature. The shadows of the trees were very long. They were dimly lit. The sun was still behind the trees.

Scene of the River:

The beauty of the sunrise reminded me of the river on the West. I wished to see how it looked in the morning. The rays of the sun were falling on the tops of the tress on the banks of the river. They were half lit and half dark. On the banks people were bathing. Some were already in water. Other was yet walking along the river side. At about fifty meters from the people a young couple was enjoying the morning air. A few college students were enjoying the river scene in the boat. They were using oars and were splashing water. One of them was singing a song of Sharmilee film. The fishermen were already busy with their work. The Washermen were beating their clothes against stone slabs. The calves and donkeys were grazing the field close by. Just then a train, at its full speed, came rushing. Its noise broke the peace of nature.

Scene on the Grand Trunk Road:


A desire arose in me to see the Grand Trunk Road in the north of my house at this time. The scene on the road was quite different from the scene of the river. The road was busy. The line of carts loaded with vegetables was presenting a lovely scene. The drivers were singing vulgar songs. The wheels of the carts were producing a slow murmuring sound. The ringing of the bells round the necks of the bullocks was indeed worth hearing. I was dreaming the beauty of the scene and thinking over it. Just then a car rushed pass the carts raising a cloud of dust. I lost sight of the carts for a few minutes.

Mother’s call:

The voice of my mother awakened me out of my reverie. She reminded me of my school. It was perhaps that she wanted to know as to when I was to go school.


I wend down unwillingly to leave this beautiful scenery. The mother’s call reminded me of my home-task which seemed to me quite unpleasant at that time.

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