Scheme for Financing Activities relating to Marketing of SSI Products for Indian entrepreneurs

Eligible borrowers:

1. Existing SSI units in the small-scale sector with a good track record and sound financial position are eligible for assistance under the scheme. New units could also be considered on a selective basis.

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2. Specialized organization incorporated as corporate entities and providing marketing assistance, infrastructure support services to industrial concerns in the small scale sector.



1. Assistance under the scheme may be availed of for marketing activities such as:

(i) Marketing research

(ii) Research and development, product up-gradation and standardization.


(iii) Preparation of strategic marketing plan

(iv) Advertising, branding, catalogue preparation, production of audio-visual aids, etc.

(v) Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, Undertaking sales, promotion tours etc.

(vi) Establishing distribution networks including show room/retail outlet/warehousing facilities etc.


(vii) Training to personnel in marketing produce of the SSI.

2. For setting up new show rooms and/or renovation of existing show rooms for marketing predominantly small scale, cottage and village industry products. Such show rooms could be set within country or even abroad.

3. Development of infrastructure like setting up of permanent exhibition centers, industrial parks like Garment and Software parks, marketing emporia, design and fashion forecasting studios, audition houses, container depots and trade centers.

These infrastructural projects are largely meant to benefit the small scale, cottage and village industries of the country.

4. Setting up of facilities for providing marketing support to SSI units, e.g. data bank libraries, Internet services, exclusive purchase of specific products for the government, etc, and assistance to libraries and assistance to facilitate setting up and expansion of such services by service providers, as may be relevant.

5. Working capital term loan requirement and bill discounting facility for service providers in respect of purchases to be made either directly from SSI units or through an intermediary engaged in sourcing such supplies.

6. Any other activity direct towards promoting the marketing of SSI sector in domestic or international marketing.

7. Assisting the scale of small enterprises products through opening sales emporia under the state and cooperative and assisted cooperative societies.

8. Price preference to small scale enterprises (up to certain percentage) in public sector and Government purchases.


Amount of loan would be need based, but would not normally be below Rs. 10 lakhs per borrower.

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