Scheme of Integrated Infrastructural Development for Indian entrepreneurs

Eligible borrowers:

Implementing agencies (a public sector corporation or a corporate body or a good NGO having sound financial position) entrusted with the task of implementing the scheme by the concerned State/Union Territory.


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For setting up of centers with facilities like water supply, power, telecommunication, common services centre including for technological back up services for small scale industries in rural backward area as envisaged under the policy for small scale industries.

The objective is to promote and strengthening small, tiny village enterprises announced by Government of India from time to time.

The cost of improving / upgrading the deficient infrastructural facilities is to increase the productivity and optimum use of the existing centers / clusters in backward / rural areas may also be covered under the scheme.



Selection of centers should be preceded by a comprehensive industrial potential survey of the area. Suitable land is provided by UT Government. The centre should provide for various facilities like water supply, power, telecommunication, communication, transportation facilities etc.

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