School Excursion – Essay


Last Saturday was a very fine day. The sky was overcast. The cool breeze was blowing. We did not like to read on that day. In second period we requested our class teacher to arrange an excursion on a river. He was kind enough to our request. He managed to get permission from the principal. We started on our excursion.

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How We Reached the River:

The river Krishna is at a distance of six kilometers from our School. Some of us proposed to go in rickshaws. Some suggested proceeding on cycles. Our worthy teacher decided to go on foot. We all agreed to his proposal. We started in the happy frame of mood. We had hardly gone two kilometers when we met another party of S.D. Higher Secondary School. It was a happy union. We went further happily and merrily.

How We Enjoyed There:

We went on shouting out of joy. Some of us were singing merrily. Both the parties enjoyed the natural sights on the way. There came upon us a welcome shower twice of the way. It provided good weather. On our way we met tongas, bullock cards, trucks and buses. Thus talking, laughing and singing we reached the river. We crossed the bridge and enjoyed the sight of water flowing rapidly.


We made small boats of paper and floated them on the surface of the water. Both the parties separated to enjoy themselves at different places. My party which consisted of sixteen boys crossed the river in a large boat and reached the other bank. Other boys selected a lonely place. While we were in the boat we heard a farmer boy singing a sweet song. We kept on wandering for some time to enjoy ourselves. After two hour we returned to join our companions.

Kabaddi Match, Bath and Rescue of Boy:

At about 12 O’clock we had our lunch with a great joy. We stole some fruits and vegetables from the neighbouring fields to add something to what we had brought with us. In the evening both the parties played a Kabaddi Match. When the match was going on, there was a heavy shower which drenched us to our skin. One of our companion entered water to bath. As he went further, the waves swept him away. He cried for help. I, being a very good swimmer, at once jumped into the river and brought him to the bank. When he regained his sense, we were wild with joy.

Our Returned Journey in the Evening:

Time flew on. Soon it was the time to return. We were again on the road for home. The sun in the west had grown more pleasant. So the return journey was all the more enjoyable. We came back talking and walking at leisure. It was quite dark when we were again in the school compound.


After three hearty cheers, we dispersed for our homes all glad at having enjoyed a happy day.

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