School Peon Essay


One who sits outside the Principal’s office is called a school peon. He is an important person. You think that he has no importance. But the principal knows very well how great his services are for the school.


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His Name and Age:

Shyam Sunder is our school peon. He is forty year old. He is a tall Youngman. He possesses a strong and healthy body. He has whitish color. He belongs to a small village in Uttar Pradesh.

His Dress and Family:

He is all time in ‘khaki’ uniform. He has a white Gandhi cap on his head. He gets a uniform once for two years from the school. He lives on a small room in the school building. He is married but his wife and children live in the village.

His Duties:


He has one hundred and one duties to do. He comes an hour before the opening of the school. He cleans the Principal’s room and the office. He puts all things there in order. He opens the class room and dusts desks, table and chairs. He then rings the bell.

As long as the school goes on he sits near the Principal’s office. He carries out his orders. Sometimes he is sent to post letters. Sometimes he has to go to the bank to deposit or withdraw school monies. Sometimes he circulates an order in the classes. At other times he shows the visitors in. He goes on ringing the bell at the end of each period. If sometimes he is irregular in this important duty, everybody complains against him, for the school work begins to suffer.

When it is time to close the school, He rings the close bell. He shuts all the doors and windows after the boys have gone. He then puts the keys in his pocket and goes home.


He lives a hard life. He gets a small salary of eight thousand rupees in a month. With the small income he cannot keep his family with him in the town. He has been in the service of this school for the last fifteen years.

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