School Tuck Shop Essay


A tuck-shop is an essential part of every school. It is an interesting place. The students encourage this shop. Groups of school boys may be seen hanging about it.

Tuckshop - All Saints Parish School

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Our School Tuck Shop:

Shri Raja Ram is in charge of our school tuck-shop. It is situated on the left hand of the school gate. It has two rooms. In one room Raja ram prepares the eatables. The second room serves as dinning room.

Tuck Shop during the Recess Period:

Mr. Raja Ram sells Puries, pudding, rasgullas, curd, lassi, hot and cold drinks. All the preparations are made in Vanspati Ghee. The charges are moderate. They are controlled by the school governing body. The principal often inspects the tuck-shop. The in charge of the shop cannot use oil ghee. He cannot keep stale eatables. Fresh fruits of the season are also sold in the shop.

The Owner of the Shop:


The owner is a jolly fellow: He never loses his temper. He is an honest man. He gives right measure of every body. Sometimes the students get other things instead of what they ask for. He does not mind exchanging them. He receives his customers with folded hands. He smiles on his face. At times he cracks a joke with the boys. But he is never impolite. He does not encourage his customers to buy on credit. His open talks and fair dealings have made him very popular.

Importance of Tuck-Shop:

A tuck-shop is a meeting place. Old friends meet here. During the days of election of school parliament the tuck-shop becomes the centre of activities. The voters are entertained to drinks and refreshments at the expenses of candidates.


The tuck-shop is given to the shopkeeper on annual contract. But Raja Ram has been getting this contract for the last five years. He maintains a good quality of his eatables. The Principal is pleased with his work.

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