Should cell phones be allowed in schools? – Paragraph

Among all the modern electronic gadgets, the most common is a cell phone. It has become an integral part of modern man’s life. Almost everyone is using it. This wide usage of cell phones creates a big problem especially while they are being sued by school going children. Some State Governments put a ban on the usage of cell phones in schools because they help in the perpetration of certain very unhealthy activities. Usage of cell phones in schools has both positive and negative sides. Cell phone is the best source for those parents who remain worried fro the safety and security of their children. But there have been reports about the disorders and dysfunctions cussed by the cell phones. They may be used for cheating in examinations, defaming, creating pornographic content, organizing criminal activities etc. Beside it, usages of cell phones also gives medical problems like loss of hearing, brain problems and many more. Some serious steps should be taken for this problem. Cell phone may be used once out side the school but should be banned in school hours.

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