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When it comes to the topic people sometimes do things that they don’t enjoy doing, optimistic and pessimistic people have different attitudes towards this topic. For me, a person who likes changes a little, I would prefer to do some different things sometime even if I don’t like them. There are many reason why I should sometimes do things they don’t enjoy doing.

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The first reason is that I could get more experiences from the things I am doing no matter I enjoy it or not. There are pros and cons for every experience. What I learned from doing something I dislike is to conquer the similar situation and take the advantage of good changes I may encounter again in the future. In addition I will see such a disagreeable thing as diversity to my routine life.


Secondly, many things which I don’t enjoying doing can actually do well to me. For example, I don’t like to sweat because it makes me uncomfortable with those sticky clothes and bad smell. But for exercise, the activity will cause me to sweat, surely keep me in good shape and benefit my health. Besides, I overcoming displeased things give me a sense of achievement.

All in all, it is not a bad for me to do something I don’t enjoy doing. Therefore, I agree that people should sometimes do things that they don’t enjoy doing.

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Should people sometimes do things, that they don’t enjoy doing? Many people strongly oppose this idea, while others insist that although people naturally favor doing what they enjoy doing, under certain circumstances people may well be advised to act against their interest and it would benefit people in many always. Personally, I would side with the latter.


For one thing, it usually take quite some time for people to discover their interest. My personal experience serves as a typical example. From my childhood, I learned a lot of time to discover my interest. I tried to play an electronic organ, draw oil paintings, and even learn ballet. Superficially, it seems to be a sound solution to find out what my interest is, but when carefully weighing in the mend, I find that it has wasted me plenty of time. A scrutiny of these arguments would reveal how unnecessary they are:

For another, many things that people instinctively hate to do will actually benefit them in the long run. A basketball states personal experience is a good example. He likes running when he was child. When he was in high school, he joins the track and field team. By a chance, he met a basketball coach and was asked if he wanted to become an occupational basketball player. Although he was not interested in playing basketball, nevertheless, his parents told him that doing something he hated to do might change his whole life in a good way. By taking the advice of his parents, he went to the basketball team and now he turned out be extremely successful! For another example, we are not always interested to move different places. In fact, we will have more opportunities of improving our lives by moving around. As President Kennedy pointed out, “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

Still some people might list other reasons to explain why people should do some thing that they don’t enjoy doing. However I assume that points I have discussed in the above analysis are the most relevant!

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