Suffering Leads to Success – A Short Story

Life is full of many ups and downs, pain and pleasure, weal and woe, suffering and enjoyment. It is not an easy bed of roses. We must always be ready to face pain, sufferings and woes, because nobody knows what the future has in store for us. One cannot foretell when sufferings and troubles will befall him. So he must keep prepared for it. Pleasure or happiness is only like a silver lining in a dark cloud. Most of the life is full of pains and suffering for most of the people.

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The school of adversity is the best school to teach. Pains, woes and sufferings come to teach us a lesson. Each suffering or trouble makes us wiser and stronger. These are a steeping stone to success. If we face the troubles and sufferings boldly with courage and perseverance, we are sure to succeed. A famous English poet H.W. Longfellow has put in the greatness of suffering in the following verse.

Oh! Fear not in a world like this,


And thou shalt know ’ese long-

That how sublime a thing it is

To suffer and be strong.

We must not grumble, when we have to suffer. We must know that dark night will end and a bright day will follow. We must not be cowed down by sufferings and troubles. We must bear them with full faith in God. We must suffer the woes boldly and patiently, believing strongly that we must come out successful one day.


Adversity gives us a firm determination and strength of mind. Sufferings teach us to inculcate in ourselves the qualities, which enable us to bear them and come out with flying colors. We must not be discouraged by sufferings and failures in life. We should bear them optimistically, keeping in mind, that we shall overcome these difficulties and shall be victorious in the long run.

The Story

Zahir-ud-Din Babar was the founder of Mughal Empire in India. He was taught and hardened at the school of adversity. He had to suffer a lot of trouble, woes and difficulties for a number of years in his life. He was not cowed down by these adversities. He faced them bravely with courage and endurance. He overcome these ordeals and came out successful.

Babar was only thirteen years old when his father Mirza Umar Sheikh died and he had to shoulder the responsibility of managing his father’s estate. His relatives and the enemies of his father came out against him and did not allow him any respite. He was surrounded by difficulties and adversities on all sides. Woe and sufferings started him at the face at every step.

Babar could not face the intrigues of his shrewd uncles and other enemies and was forced to leave his native place Farghana. He fled to Kabul and conquered it. Then he conquered Samarkand. He had a great liking for Samarkand, but soon and old enemy of his father, Shaibani Khan Uzbeg routed him from there. Surrounded by difficulties, he had to evacuate Samarkand.


Shaibani Khan Uzbeg was an eye sore and a continuous source of trouble for Babar. He had to suffer bad and wait patiently for more than twenty five years till Shaibani Khan Uzbeg died and Babar had a sigh of relief. He recaptured Samarkand and Bukhra.

Babar had full faith in God’s justice. He had suffered long with undying courage and without any grumble. His sufferings proved to be the main spring of courage and strength from him. This led him to success in life.

Babar had full faith God’s justice. He had suffered long with undying courage and without any grumble. His sufferings proved to be the main spring of courage and strength for him. This led him to success in life.

In those days India’s political condition was weak. So Babar made up his mind to conquer some parts of India. To his good luck Sikand Lodhi the governor of Punjab had strained relations with Ibrahim Lodhi the emperor at Delhi. He invited Babar to invade this country. Babar marched his armies and occupied Lahore. This added to his strength. His long sufferings had begun to bear fruit. Next he made up his mind to conquer the rest of the country.

Ibrahim Lodhi was the emperor of Delhi. He was a weak king. In 1526 A.D. Babar marched his armies against Ibrahim Lodh. The armies met at the battlefield of Panipat. The historic battle of Panipath was fought. Babar had a superior army and armaments. He had the advantage of an artillery wing whereas Ibrahim had none. Ibrahim Lodhi fell fighting in the battle field and Babar had a glorious victory. He became the king emperor of Delhi. Babar had soon to face another formidable foe- Rana Sanga of Chittor. The Rana had thought that Babar was an invader and like other invaders he will plunder and return back to his country, but Babar had no intention of going back. He began to consolidate his empire and to expand its boundaries. He came in conflict with Rana sangram Singh of Chittor.

The Rana was a renowned and seasoned Rajput warrior. He had got eighty scar marks on his body which he had got in the battlefield. He was known as Rana Sanga for his bravery. Babar marched his armies against the Rana and a fierce battle was fought in the battle field at kanwaha. The Rajputs fought bravely. The Mughal army was shaken at heart, but Babar delivered and inspiring speech, which infused bravery with strong determination. The Rajput could not stand against the artillery fire of the Mughals. They fell fighting bravely in the battlefield. Babar’s guns gave him the upper hand and he became the undisputed emperor of India.

Babar ruled India only for about four years. Most of the time he remained busy in fighting the enemies and he got little time for consolidating his empire. He died in 1530 AD. After his death his son Nasir-ud-Din Humayun succeeded the throne. Hamayun had seen a little suffering. He was not trained at the school of adversity. So he proved to be a weak king. He lost his empire to Sher Shah Suri and was rendered homeless. He ran from pillar to post to seek help against his formidable foe. It was during these days of utter adversity that his son Akbar was born at Amarkot- a small principality in Sindh. He left his wife and the infant son in the protection of the ruler of Amarkot and fled to Iran. He led a life of exile for about 15 years. After the death of Sher Shah Suri he invaded India with the help of his friends and regained his throne in 1555 AD.

Jala-ud-Din Akbar was brought up amongst untold miseries and hardships. This period of suffering and adversity made him a strong and successful man. Humayun was not destined to rule for a long period. He stumbled over the stairs of his library and died just six months after regaining his throne.

Akbar was 15 years old when he was coroneted as the Emperor of India. Difficulties and sufferings had made him a strong Youngman. He was trained at the school of adversity. He took the reins of the government in his own hands and ruled with courage and wisdom. In the beginning he remained surrounded by his foes and enemies for the first eleven years of his reign, but his sufferings had made him so wise and strong that he dealt with his foes with courage and sagacity and came out successful. He was a great conqueror and he extends the boundaries of the Mughal Empire.

He brought many new areas under the Mughal Empire and through diplomacy and by conquests. He came to be called the greatest Mughal Emperor of India.

Moral of the story

The sufferings, woes and adversities are a source of strength and courage which lead us to success. Such difficulties should be regarded only as a stepping stone to success. They make us bold, strong, and brave. Learn to welcome all sufferings with the belief that everything is happening for the best. This attitude towards sufferings and difficulties will surely make you hard and strong and the success is sure to lick your feet in the long run.

Suffering is certainly a blessing in disguise. It enables you to endure all woes with lion’s heart. It moves your dormant courage to action and you are able to work wonders. Never curse your lot when you have to face suffering. Take it as God sent and feel delighted that you have found a chance to show your mental against suffering and to come out successful of all odds.

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