Suggestions for making Entrepreneurship Development Programmes more successful in India

Suggestions to make EDPs Successful:

1. Emphasis on stimulating, supporting and sustaining activities:

The success of EDPs depends upon the stimulating, supporting and sustaining activities. Stimulating activities includes entrepreneurial education, publicity of entrepreneurial facilities, motivational training and assistance in the identification of viable projects, creating a common platform for entrepreneurs, where they can share their problems, experiences and success.

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Supporting activities involves the various forms of support provided to the potential entrepreneurs for setting up and running of their units such as registration, funds mobilization, license, tax relief and incentives and management consultancy services. Sustaining activities refer to expansion, diversification, Modernization and quality control.

2. Focus on achievement motivation:

It is important to develop achievement motivation amongst prospective entrepreneur through proper training and conducive environment to create right type of impact of training. Entrepreneurs should be helped ideas into reality.

3. Designing of viable projects:


A viable project is feasible to implement in terms of availability of resources and market potentials. The EDP organizers should prepare the projects keeping in mind local resources, funding, training requirements.

The entrepreneurial development agencies should select right people, impart right training and entrust viable projects to make EDPs successful.

4. Selection of trainees:

Trainees should be selected after proper examinations and tests. Educated unemployed youth should be selected on priority. Persons having traditional background in the chosen economic activity should be preferred.

5. Training of trainers:

Success of EDPs depends on abilities skills and experience of trainers. They must be committed, competent and qualified.

6. Organizing part time programmes:


Part time EDPs can organize for particular group of persons. These EDPs can be conducted during week ends or in the evening.

7. Duration of EDPs:

The time period of EDPs should be increased to six months.

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