The Autobiography of a Rupee – Essay


The story of my birth is very interesting. I had to pass through different processes before I came to my present form. In fact, I came into existence by the mixture of different metals. They were taken out from the earth and were purified. Then they were sent to the Alipore mint. Here they were melted and mixed, gradually, after passing through different machines, I acquired my glittering shape. To add to my beauty, my creators put beautiful designs on both side of my faces. I remained there with so many of my brothers and sisters. They were al equally beautiful and attractive.

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My Childhood


From my very childhood I was out for wandering. From the mint, I was sent to a big palatial building known as the Reserve Bank. I did not come here alone, but along with so many others of my brothers and sisters. One unknown person took hold of me. He took me to there market and mercilessly threw me into the hands of a confectioner. He was even crueler to me. He stuck my head on his measuring weight. From here sometimes I went to the hands of a barber, sometimes to the hands of a vegetable-sell, and thus continuously changed hands.

My imprisonment in a miser’s safe

But this was not all. Harder times were yet to come. One day, in the process of this exchange of hands, I found myself in the possession of a strange person. He had a stock of my brothers and sisters. He kept us all in a big iron safe. He never took me to the market. This period of imprisonment proved very hard for me. Being fond of wandering, I did not like this life of idleness. Only once a month we all were taken out and counted by the miser. We all kept on waiting anxiously for this day of the month. Gradually, more and more of my brothers and sisters were added to the already big stock. But he never took any one of us out. Day after days, months after months, and year after years were passed in this jail.

My release from the miser’s home


At last the day of my release come. One day some brave persons came in the night to the miser’s home. They, with their sharp instrument, cut the safe. They put us all in their bags. Those friends distributed us among themselves. My owner exchanged me for wine. Now I was with the wine seller who also had a large stock of some of my brothers and sisters. But this man was not like my former owner, the miser. This man used to give every day one round piece like myself to his son. So, I patiently waited fro months for my turn.

Another misfortune

At last, I, along with my other companions, was taken out by my owner. He gave me to his youngest son. He, with his friends, went for a picnic. They all decided to take a dip in the river. When my owner was taking off his shirt, I slipped out of his pocket and fell into the river. I though that the good old days would never return. But I was given a long lease of life by a fisherman.

My importance


During this long life I had valuable experiences. I came to learn that the people were mad after me. They even began to quarrel among themselves upon their right of ownership upon me. Those who owned me, and my brothers and sisters in a large number, were held in high esteem in society. In fact, they could not do anything without me. Some were so fond of me that they never wanted to part with me.

Conclusion – My death

With the passing of time, my face was defaced. People hesitated to accept me. Those who took me tested my genuineness in different cruel ways. They struck me with full force either in a stone or a brick or some piece of metal. I was now fully tired of this disgrace and hard life. I prayed daily for death. At last the much awaited day arrived. I was in the hands of a banker. He cut me into two pieces. I was dead now.

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