The Camel – Essay

This essay is about Camel its appearance, kinds, food, habits and usefulness.


The camel is a very tall and ugly animal. It is found in its countries where there are great deserts. In the hottest parts of Asia and Africa it is the most useful animal. Arabia is its home. It has been helpful in spreading the civilization in the past.

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Its Description and Appearance:

The camel is about nine feet high. It has a very long neck. It is arched like a bow. Its legs are long and thin. But its feet are broad. Under its feet there are pads. They do not let the feet sink in the sand. Its long neck is quite strange. The upper lip is cleft. It hangs on both the sides of the month. He is furnished with a fifth stomach. It serves as a reservoir of water in long journeys.

Two Kinds:

The camels are of two kinds- the Arabian and the Bactrian. An Arabian camel is like a camel that is found in India. It has four legs and a hump on its back. The Bactrian camel has two humps. Its whole body is covered with long hair. It is smaller than Arabian camel.


It’s Food:

The camel eats leaves and branches of certain trees. It loves to feed on thorn.

Its habits:

The camel is very painstaking and patient. It can walk nearly one hundred and twenty five kilometers a day. Heat has no effect on it. It is rightly called ‘Ship of desert’. It can travel through desert for a weak or so without taking a drop of water. When a storm comes, it lies down. It cries when it is being loaded.


It’s Usefulness:

The camel is very useful. People travel through desert with its help. In olden times trade was carried on its back. The wisdom and wealth of the East would have remained in the eastern countries but for its help. It used to carry messages in the past. The camel artillery of Persia formed the chief part of the army.

At present it is used as farm and plough animal. In some parts of India it is used in place of bullocks. It ploughs fields. It draws water from wells. It carries heavy loads. It does not cease to be useful even after its death. Its skin is turned into leather. Fine and costly carpets are made from its hair. Its fur is used in making fin clothes. Arabs eat its flesh and drink its milk. They make tents from its hair. Its milk is thicker than that of other animals.

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