The characteristics of a Tribe

The important characteristics of a tribe are Definite Territory, Common Language, Blood Relationship, Endogamy, Common Culture, Common Religion, Common Name, Political Organization.

CultureVulture: Key Pieces of 'Tribal Vibe'

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Definite Territory

The members of a tribe live permanently in a definite territory. Common territory is an important feature of a tribe. In the absence of a common territory its very existence cannot be imagined.

Common Language

All the members of a tribe speak a common language or dialect. This common language not only binds them in strengthening unity but also helps to increase strong community feeling among themselves.

Blood Relationship


The members of a tribe are blood related to each other. They claim to be originated from a common ancestor.


Another main feature of a tribe is its endogamous nature. The members of a tribe are required to marry within group. Marriage outside the group is strictly prohibited.

Common Culture

All the members of a tribe share a common cultural pattern. They are mainly guided by a common culture. This cultural similarity is an important factor regulating the tribal organizations.

Common Religion

All the members of a tribe have a belief in a common religion. They extend direct co-operation to each other, being inspired by the mantras: We belong to a particular tribe and our religion is one.

Common Name


Every tribes has a common name by which it is identified. From sociological point of view, this name has more significance which binds the members of a tribe with a feeling of unity.

Political Organization

Every tribe of India is known as a strong political unit. This organization is meant to maintain unity and integrity in a tribe. The responsibility of the organization is vested upon an individual known as Mukhia is the unique ruler of the tribe. All the members have fear, faith and devotion on Mukhia.

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