The Conquest of Nature – Essay

In recent times science has gained much importance. With its help wonderful inventions have been made. In fact, we are living in the age of science. It wonders have helped man to acquire control over nature. Some of the ways in which man has conquered nature are given below.

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In the past, may was the slave of his environment. He could not fly in the air. He could not cross the wild oceans and big rivers. But now he has full control, not only over the land, but on air and water also. On land he moves freely from one place to the other with the help of trains, buses, trams and other such means of transport. Aeroplanes help him to fly high in the air. Steamships are at his service, whenever he wants to cross the wildest of oceans. So these modern fast moving means of transport have given man control over land, water and air. In other words the factor of distance has been eliminated.

Further, we can easily keep contact with our friends and relatives who are at a great distance from us. The telephone and the telegraph systems are the best means of communication. We can talk directly over the telephone to a man who is thousands of kilometers away from us. Important messages can be conveyed within no time to far of places through telegrams and fax. That is why it is said that the world has contracted. Man is now a citizen of the world. Through these wonders of science man has acquired control over time and space.


Enemies of mankind are so many. There was a time when man knew nothing about his great foes, the bacteria and the virus. It was the invention of microscope and electronic microscope which enabled him to know these great enemies of his. He has now discovered the cause of fatal diseases like T.B., Typhoid, Cholera, Smallpox, etc. Science has enabled him to combat these diseases successfully. It is hoped that Cancer and AIDS would also be conquered in the near future. Really speaking, now man has become powerful enough to fight death. The blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the lame can walk freely now-a-days. In this respect also, nature has been defeated.

None of us is unaware of the comforts and luxuries which even a common man can enjoy today. Both day and night are equally bright due to electric light. The electric fan, the air conditioning plant, and the heater are all weather-controlling devices. With the help of various scientific instruments the coming changes of weather are forecast successfully. Thus electricity is a great wonder of science. It has helped man to work like a magician. He has acquired full control over nature with its aid. Now there is electronic revolution and computer revolution.

Industrialization is the slogan of the day. Large scale industries are helping man to increase production manifold. Man is now enjoying a better and higher standard of living. He need no longer depend on leaves and barks of trees to cover his body. He can now have good houses built of bricks and cement. He no longer is the slave of environment. Instead, he is now the master of his surroundings.

In the past only a few privileged persons could acquire knowledge. Majority of the people could not get it. There were no facilities for education. But now every man can become a man in the real sense by acquiring knowledge. Electric printing presses, computers and offset printing machines now print millions of millions of books, periodicals, newspapers, etc. thus, man has made progress mentally.


To relax himself after hard labor, man requires some recreation. The radio, the television and the cinema provide him with the best means of recreation. Through them he is not only entertained, but also educated. He no longer passes his leisure hours like an animal. He has advanced much by virtue of scientific inventions.

From the above accounts it is clear that man is now no longer dependent upon his natural surroundings. He has full control over land, water, air, time and distance. The future is brighter still. Man has already made significant advances in the conquest of outer space. Journeys to and back from the Moon have already been under taken. Very soon journey to the Mars will become a routine affair. In fact, even the wildest dreams of man are now coming true.

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