The Contribution of Science to World Peace – Essay

Science has made great progress in recent times. Through science man has been able to conquer nature. He has acquired control over land, air and water. Time and distance have no meaning in this sputnik Age. Some people think that science is responsible for wars. It has placed in the hands of the man extremely destructive weapons. They may ruin the world completely. It may be true to some extent. But science has also contributed a lot towards world peace. The following facts will clearly show the contribution of science to world peace.

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In olden times, there used to be wars which continued for a long time. Armies fought with their swords, spears, etc. it took several years before the fate of war could be decided. But now wars, if ever they break out, come to an end within a very short period of time. Destructive weapons like atom bombs, poisonous gases etc. help in bringing a war to an end very soon.

Today very fast means of transport and communications are available. Armies can be moved from one place to another in no times. These forces check the advance of an enemy. Thus war is prevented.


It was president Eisenhower of America who declared that atom and hydrogen bombs have made world peace more secure. The people of the world were greatly surprised to read this comment. But there is great truth in this statement. We all knew that nuclear weapons are deadly weapons. If war breaks out, and such weapons are used, then it is certain that the whole civilization will come to an end. A war with nuclear-weapons will mean complete destruction of victor and the vanquished alike.

Every nation will have now to think not only twice or thrice but hundreds of times before going to war. England invaded Egypt to keep the Suez Canal in her own possession. There was every likely hood of a world war over the issue. But in the meantime Russia gave a threat to England that it will use atom and hydrogen bombs against her, if she did not withdraw from Egypt. England was frightened. She withdraws her forces. A world war was averted.

Big wars break out due to certain causes. Poverty, disease, hunger, etc., are enemies of mankind. Some countries are rich while others are poor. Scientific inventions have given us valuable machines. With their help production has been increased manifold. Even the backward and poor countries have now begun to enjoy a better standard of living. The contribution of science to medical science is well known to everyone. Wonderful drops like penicillin, streptomycin, Chloromycetin, etc., have been discovered. They have ensured long and healthy life to the people of the world. By removing such causes of war, science has helped in reducing the chances of a world war to the minimum.

Small sparks lead to big conflagrations. Similarly minor internal disturbances within a country sometimes lead to big wars, but now-a-days the police and military can be sent to the spots of trouble within no time. Thus, internal peace is far more secure today than it ever was.


Science has given very effective means of propaganda. The Radio, the Television, the News paper and the cinema are very powerful means of propaganda. Through them, the people of the world can easily know the horrible effects of modern warfare. Through cinema, pictures of horrors of war are shown to the people. Thus public opinion is created against war. This also helps in preventing war.

Science has not reached the limits of its inventions even now. It is making even more starting inventions. It is now busy in acquiring control over outer space. Furthermore, man is today more conscious of necessity of world peace than ever before. He has begun to use his knowledge of science for peaceful purposes. Let us be optimistic that science enables us to banish war completely in the near future.

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