The Cow – Essay/Article

The below given Essay / Article is about the Cow, Its appearance, colors, food and usefulness.


The Cow is a very useful animal. The Hindus worship it as a sacred animal. They call it the mother. They preserve it at all costs. They are very much opposed to its killing.

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It’s Appearance:

It is a four-footed animal. It has big body. Their legs are slender. She possesses two horns on its head. It defends itself with them against the enemies. Her long tail has long hair at the end. It is very useful to it in keeping off flies. Its feet are called hoops. They are split in two parts. It has eight sharp teeth in her lower jaws only. Her feet do not let her slip.

It’s Colors:

The cows are of different colors- white, black, red and mixed, etc. black cows are considered very useful.


It’s Food:

The cow lives on grass. It eats hay and vegetables of many kinds also. In the seasons when there is no green fodder. It lives on straw and gram.

The cow has a peculiar way of eating the fodder. At first it does not chew its food. It simply puts it into its mouth and swallows it up. Then it lies down for rest. It brings back the fodder from its stomach in her mouth and chews it well. This kind of eating is called chewing the cud.

It’s Usefulness:


The cow is the most useful animal. It vies us milk. Its milk is best for the sick and infants. Those who cannot digest an ordinary food can live on its milk. Ghee, butter, curd and many other sweets are made form its milk. Its milk improves our minds. It makes us active. It removes laziness.

Cow’s dung and urine are also very useful. The Hindus consider them holy. People use its dung for coat in floors and walls, because it kills harmful germs. Its dung cakes are used as fuel. Farmers use its dung as manure.

The cow gives us calves. When they grow up, they are called oxen. They plough fields. They draw water from wells. They carry heavy loads from one place to another. A farmer is nothing without oxen. They are his property.

The cow is useful even after its death. Its hide is made into leather, shoes, boots, bags and boxes and many other useful things are made out of it. Its bones are equally useful. We make combs, buttons and other things with them. They are also used in making handles of knives and razors.


It is painful to think that cows are losing their importance now. We should protect such a useful animal. Improved bulls should db imported from abroad. Panchayats, cow-pens and cow societies should keep bulls of good quality for breeding purpose.

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