The difference between Caste and Tribe

The caste is a social group, while the tribe is a territorial group. Max Weber writes in social structures, that when Indian tribe loses its territorial significance it assumes the form of an Indian caste. The tribe occupies a well defined area, while the members of a caste may be scattered all over the country.

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The caste claims a common descent from a mythical ancestor, while the tribe sometimes traces its origin from some animals which may be treated as its totem.

The title of caste implies that all the members follow the same occupation. But the title of a tribe does not indicate a common occupation.


The convention of endogamy is strictly followed by the caste. But it is not applicable for all the times to a tribe. Sometimes the members of a tribe may find wives from the members of another tribe.

The caste was originated in ancient Hindu society, with a view to division of labor on the basis of profession and occupation. The tribe came about because of the evolution of community feeling in a group inhabiting a definite geographical area.

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