The following are some of important salient features of 1991 industrial policy resolution

  1. There is a hike of investment limit of tiny sector from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs.
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    There is a hike of investment limit of ancillary units and export oriented units up to 75 lakh

  3. Service sectors share recognized as tiny sector.
  4. There is a support from national equity fund up to 10 lakhs.
  5. Single window loan facility for the projects requiring Rs. 20 lakh.
  6. There is an easy access to institutional finance.
  7. Composite loans under single window scheme by commercial banks.
  8. Marketing facility under a common brand name by NSIC.
  9. For allocation of indigenous raw materials priority is given to small scale units and tiny units.
  10. Establishment of Khadi and Village Industries commission and expansion of the board.
  11. Janata cloth scheme is replaced by a new scheme to provide to provide funds for handloom modernization.
  12. Undertaking of marketing of product in domestic market and international market by PSU and NSIC under the scheme of consortia approach.
  13. Provision of compulsory quality control for the products causing risks to human health and life.
  14. Incentives and various service packages are given for development of industries at district levels.
  15. Integrated infrastructural development facilities are provided for industrial development.
  16. An export development centre is established to facilitate promotion of export.
  17. Weight age given to traditional village industries.
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