The fools of yesterday are the wise men of today

Most of the people like to make progress through evolution and not through revolution. They stick to their customs, traditions and age-long beliefs. But there are some persons born with vision. But that vision is not appreciated by the then generation. People have no capacity to raise the height of the seer. There is a vast intellectual gulf between these seers and the common masses. The seer is a great giant standing on the paramount height, while the people of his generation are like dwarfs at the feet. They cannot understand the original great thinkers. So they laugh at him, condemn him or even put him to death. What was the fate of Jesus Christ? Nails were driven into his body. He was crucified. But today nearly half of the world kneels down in Christmas to honor him, his words from the gospel of Heaven. Socrates, the great philosopher was poisoned to death, but today he is hailed as the first philosopher of the Western World. Galileo declared that the earth moves round the sun, but he was tortured for asserting this great truth. How every boy and girl even in primary school in the distant part of the globe echoes the same truth? Was not Columbus mocked at a ‘Loco’ Loco’? He is honored now as the discoverer of the new world. Thus, these though condemned in their days, have been the light house along the march of civilization. The greater man, indeed, is he who contradicts his society most. So the fools of yesterday are the wise men of today.

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